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5 Proven Benefits of Indoor Tanning That May Surprise You December 12, 2018

5 Proven Benefits of Indoor Tanning That May Surprise You, Stillwater, Oklahoma

When it comes to indoor tanning, radiant skin isn’t the only advantage you gain. There are many proven physical, medical, and emotional benefits to this service. The guide below explores these positives in more depth.

What Are the Advantages of Indoor Tanning?

1. Limits UV Exposure

Basking in the sun is undoubtedly relaxing. So relaxing, in fact, that many sunbathers end up falling asleep. With the risk of developing skin cancer from long-term UV exposure, however, this could be dangerous for your health. Tanning beds limit your time inside and thus, your danger, while spray tans don't expose you to UV rays at all.

2. Boosts Your Mood

Indoor tanning can lift your mood and improve your self-esteem. Studies have shown that 81% of individuals believe that tans improve one's appearance and that those with seasonal affective disorder reported feeling much better with regular tanning. A happy mind is crucial to a healthy body.

3. Reduces Blemishes

tanningThose with noticeable scars, jaundice, or other skin-altering conditions often feel self-conscious putting on swimsuits. Luckily, tanning can tone down these blemishes. Cover them in sunscreen before entering the bed. While the rest of your skin will darken under the light, the scars will stay the same shade, allowing them to blend in.

4. Provides Vitamin D

Everybody needs vitamin D and the best way to get it naturally is to soak in the sun. However, long, dark winters can make that difficult. Research shows that tanning beds can help make up for that deficiency. Vitamin D is induced by UV rays, making artificial tanning a viable source for this essential nutrient.

5. Makes Tanning Efficient

Not everyone has the time or resources to lay on the beach and wait to develop a full tan. Work, family, and responsibilities take priority. Booking multiple short appointments, however, is much more doable. Most sessions take less than 20 minutes. With indoor tanning, you can attain a gorgeous bronze tone without using up a significant amount of your time.


Take advantage of the benefits of indoor tanning at Touch of Bronze in Payne County, OK. This salon features state-of-the-art beds and spray tanning options to give clients a lovely, sun-kissed look. To schedule an appointment, call (405) 533-1826 today and ask about getting your first tan free. You can also browse their full range of services online.

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