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5 Landscape Maintenance Tips for the Rainy Season December 7, 2018

Aiea, Ewa
5 Landscape Maintenance Tips for the Rainy Season, Ewa, Hawaii

Though most people think of Hawaii’s climate as summer year-round, it does get rainy during the winter months. During that time, homeowners will need to take extra care with their landscape maintenance to preserve the beauty of their property. Use these tips to keep your lawn and plant life healthy and lush during the wettest conditions of the year.

5 Ways to Keep Your Landscape Healthy During the Rainy Season

1. Prepare For Erosion

Erosion doesn’t only occur during mudslides and gullies. It often happens over time as rainfall causes runoff, washing away topsoil and organic matter. Fortunately, you can control erosion in many ways, including installing retaining walls, plants, and embedded stones to obstruct this runoff. Turning the sprinklers off temporarily can also limit the amount of water in your yard. A landscaping specialist can advise you on the best solution for your property.

2. Fertilize Before Rainfall

Monitoring the weather forecast will let you know when it’s the best time to fertilize your lawn and plants. Fertilizer supplies nutrients to the roots of grass, and rain helps it penetrate the ground. Apply fertilizer an hour before it is forecast to rain for the best results.

3. Make Sure You Have Proper Drainage

landscape maintenanceRainwater drains in a variety of ways, including rain gutters and channel drains. Over time, these systems can become clogged with leaves and other natural debris, causing water to puddle in your yard and drown grass, bushes, and trees. Clear your gutters and drains, and consider building a creek or another feature to channel excess runoff.

4. Mow Your Lawn More Often

Rain makes grass grow faster, so mowing more frequently will become a necessary part of your landscape maintenance. Lawns should be mowed only when they are dry. It’s best to cut the grass either right before it rains or a few days after wet weather has passed. 

5. Stay Off Your Lawn When It’s Wet

The grass is vulnerable when it’s wet, and walking across your lawn will crush the blades, resulting in an unkempt look. Make sure your family and visitors also know to only walk across your yard when it’s dry.


If you need assistance with your landscape maintenance in the coming months, the professionals at Aloha 'Aina Landscaping in Aiea, HI, will help you maintain the looks and health of your landscape year-round. Their services range from routine yard care to irrigation systems to creating a customized layout for your yard. Their commitment to clients has earned them the title of Hawaii’s Best Landscaping Company of 2017, awarded by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Call (808) 291-0143 today to request a consultation, or visit them online to view their previous work.

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