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4 Tips to Keep Sheets & Comforters Clean January 7, 2019

Mason, Warren
4 Tips to Keep Sheets & Comforters Clean , Mason, Ohio

You spend about a third of your life asleep, so comfortable, clean bedding is a priority. The first step to creating the perfect bed is to invest in high-quality sheets and comforters. To protect your investment, proper care is essential. Here are four tips for clean, soft, and long-lasting linens.

4 Care Tips for Comforters & Sheets 

1. Use Less Detergent

It seems logical that using more detergent would equal cleaner laundry, but you don’t actually need heavy-duty techniques for fine linens. Using too much detergent can result in residue buildup, as excess soap isn’t rinsed out thoroughly. This can wear out and stiffen the fabric over time. Use about half of the manufacturer’s recommended amount. Avoid fabric softeners and bleach, too, as these can also contribute to build-up and wear.

2. Wash Separately

An overfull washing machine is inefficient. Not all items will be thoroughly cleaned, and sheets and comforters may become tangled and damaged. Wash the sheets and comforters alone to ensure an even clean and no excess detergent buildup. Use hot water to kill bacteria and remove residue from skin and hair.

3. Time Wisely

comforterSheets and pillowcases should be washed more frequently than comforters and duvet covers, as these items get more contact with the skin. As a rule of thumb, comforters and duvet covers should be washed about once a month, while sheets should be washed about once every two weeks. Pillowcases may need to be washed once a week, with other linens or delicate clothes.

4. Dry Properly

Although high heat is fine for washing, avoid excess heat when drying, as it can wear out the fibers of your bedding. Tumble dry at medium or low heat for 30 minutes or so. Finish by air drying on a line. Alternatively, stick to air-drying for fresh, soft, long-lasting linens. 


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