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3 Ways to Go Green & Conserve Energy at Home December 7, 2018

West Haven, New Haven County
3 Ways to Go Green & Conserve Energy at Home, West Haven, Connecticut

Being green at home is an excellent way to protect the environment, conserve energy, and lower your household expenses. With a few simple changes and the assistance of an HVAC contractor, you can make your home more environmentally friendly and save money over time. Here are a few tips to conserve energy in your home.

How to Make Your Home Greener

1. Upgrade Your Light Bulbs

HVAC contractorTraditional incandescent bulbs use a lot of electricity, which adds up on your monthly energy bills. Switching them out for more energy-efficient models is a small, inexpensive change that will make a significant impact. Replace incandescent bulbs with LED, halogen incandescent, or compact fluorescent lights. They use less energy, brighten your home, and last longer than traditional bulbs.

2. Maintain Your HVAC System

Heating and cooling systems require a lot of power to run. Inefficiencies within these systems can force them to work harder to maintain temperatures in your home, increasing your energy usage. Schedule annual appointments with an HVAC contractor to inspect your furnace, air conditioner, and ventilation system to ensure that they’re in good shape. If you have an older system, it may be time to install an updated, energy-efficient model to keep your home comfortable, without wasting electricity.

3. Use Biofuel Blends to Heat Your Home

If you heat your home with an oil furnace, you can go green by investing in biofuels instead of standard heating oils. Biofuel is a renewable energy source produced from plant materials. Because it’s non-toxic and biodegradable, it isn’t dangerous for people, and it has little negative impact on the environment. It’s a clean-burning fuel with low greenhouse gas emissions, so it helps prevent air pollution. 


If you’re ready to have a more eco-friendly home, you can count on the professionals at Apple Oil in New Haven County, CT, to ensure your HVAC system is functioning efficiently. For over 30 years, their highly-trained HVAC contractors have provided clients with reliable and affordable services, including heating oil tank installations, system repairs, and biofuel deliveries. They offer same day delivery if you call by noon, and brand new customers get a discount on their first oil delivery. To learn more about how their HVAC contractors can help make your home more energy-efficient, call (203) 934-3835 or visit them online.

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