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5 Items You Should Never Store in the Garage December 13, 2018

Yonkers, Westchester
5 Items You Should Never Store in the Garage, Yonkers, New York

Many homeowners use extra space in their garage for storage. It’s perfectly fine to keep miscellaneous lawn and fitness equipment inside, but not everything fares quite as well. Even with a garage door strong enough to protect your property from damage, there are five items you should avoid storing inside the garage.

Avoid Storing These Items in Your Garage

1. Food

Keeping stacks of canned goods or boxes of snacks on garage shelves is a bad idea. Exposing foods to unregulated temperatures inside your garage can be detrimental to any type of food, even nonperishables. High heat shortens shelf life considerably and can cause nutrient loss. Canned or jarred food may freeze in cold temperatures, which may affect quality, texture, or compromise the food’s container. Food stored in your garage may also attract wild animals. 

2. Electronics

It’s best not to store an extra VCR, DVD player, or computer in the garage, especially if you have plans to use or donate it. The extreme temperatures may damage the device’s delicate parts, which are sensitive to fluctuations in heat and cold.

3. Propane Tanks

garage doorNever take a chance with a tank full of propane gas. No matter the size, it’s always best to keep the tank outdoors in a well-ventilated space. High indoor temperatures will increase the heat inside the tank, and leaks could also present fire risks. 

4. Clothing

While a strong garage door will go a long way toward keeping critters out, storing clothes in your garage provides unwelcome pests and rodents with a very warm and cozy place to hide. Only store clothing in your garage by vacuum-sealing them and placing them in an airtight plastic bin on a high shelf.

5. Furniture & Decor

Extreme temperatures and humidity can affect the integrity of wood or delicate antique pieces that require extra care. Works of art on paper or canvas are also susceptible to atmospheric conditions, particularly if they’re not properly framed. If you lack storage space for furnishings, consider a climate-controlled storage unit instead.


However you decide to store your items, the right garage door will help protect your property. Reach out to the experts at United Overhead Doors in Yonkers, NY, for all your garage door needs. Their established team offers a comprehensive range of services, including garage door repairs, spring replacements, and custom door installations for commercial and residential clients. Visit the company online to learn more about how they’ll improve your garage door, or give them a call at (914) 964-0038.

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