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Your Guide to Common Furnace Issues December 13, 2018

Lorain, Lorain
Your Guide to Common Furnace Issues, Lorain, Ohio

When outdoor temperatures plummet, your furnace keeps your home warm and cozy. However, there are a variety of common issues that if not repaired immediately, can cause your furnace to break down, leaving your family cold and uncomfortable. Here are a handful of ways to tell when you may need furnace repairs to prevent larger issues down the road. 

5 Furnace Issues to Look Out For

1. Faulty Fan Motor 

Over time, the fan motor in your heating system weakens under stress. When it fails, your furnace may struggle to heat your home evenly. The fan can also overheat when overworked, leading to breakdowns. If you notice uneven heating in your home, call a furnace repair specialist. 

2. Blocked Air Filters

Air filters eventually become saturated with dirt, dust, and debris, which risk recirculating through your indoor air. In addition to causing foul odors, these microbes may aggravate your allergies or cause asthma symptoms. Change or clean your air filters about once every three months to prevent buildups. 

3. Frequent Cycling

furnace repairsWhen your furnace turns off and on frequently, it is likely struggling to reach the correct temperature setting. Duct leaks or clogged filters commonly cause this issue. If you hear your furnace going on or off constantly, you should schedule HVAC inspection and cleaning services to fix the problem.

4. High Utility Bills

When you observe an unexplained increase in your monthly energy expenses, your heating system may be to blame. Contact your local heating and cooling company to perform an inspection to determine if there are issues, such as leaks or clogged filters. They’ll promote efficiency by cleaning your ductwork, removing any obstructions, and fixing leaks.

5. Thermostat Not Calibrated 

Your thermostat may not be properly calibrated, causing your cooling, heating, and auto settings not to work. If you notice issues with your settings, replace the battery immediately. If that doesn’t fix the problem, have your local HVAC contractor inspect the fuses and recalibrate your thermostat.


When you need reliable furnace repairs, put your trust in the team at McArthur & Sons Inc. Since 1962, this heating and cooling contractor has provided plumbing and HVAC services, including installations, repairs, and inspections, to clients throughout Lorain County, OH. Call them at (440) 288-0261 to request a quote for furnace repair services, or visit them online to read customer testimonials and learn more about their services.

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