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Why Having a Bilingual Health Care Provider Is Essential to the Community January 10, 2019

Washington Heights, Manhattan
Why Having a Bilingual Health Care Provider Is Essential to the Community, Manhattan, New York

Effective health care is based on communication. When physicians and staff can’t communicate with patients, they can’t properly diagnose or treat conditions as well as educate them on healthy living. Each community is unique, and it’s imperative to have a bilingual health care provider to match its needs. There’s no replacement for personalized care, and speaking the same language ensures nothing gets lost in translation.

How Having a Bilingual Health Care Provider Is Beneficial

Accurate Diagnoses

There’s no margin for error in medicine, and doctors need accurate, highly specific descriptions of symptoms, health history, and other details when treating patients. Much of this can get lost between native and non-native speakers. A bilingual health care provider ensures there’s no confusion and that the correct, optimized care plan is provided. This is especially important when dealing with urgent care and emergency situations.

Building Relationships

bilingual-health-care-provider-181st-street-urgent-care-center-new-yorkHealth care is a partnership between the doctor and patient. Language barriers prevent a healthy relationship from being established. Physicians need to understand their patients’ lifestyles, and patients need to understand all the feedback the doctor provides. Speaking the same language allows each to discuss topics more casually and begin building a bond that ensures the patient’s comfort.

Addressing Sensitive Issues

It can be difficult to discuss some health care issues, such as sexually transmitted diseases, and language barriers make it even more difficult. Patients may not always seek treatment because they don’t feel comfortable talking. A bilingual health care provider makes it much easier to talk comfortably and confidently so that nothing goes unaddressed.


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