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How Kids Benefit From Learning Music Theory December 20, 2018

South Beach, Staten Island
How Kids Benefit From Learning Music Theory, Staten Island, New York

Signing your child up for music lessons won’t only help cultivate an appreciation and lifelong love of the arts. During sessions, they’ll also learn how to read, interpret, and understand written notes and other symbols. Below are advantages young musicians gain by studying music theory.   

Why Is Music Theory Important for Children?

Build a Sense of Independence

Children will develop stronger abilities as musicians by learning music theory. During music lessons, they will study how to pick up on written cues to determine how composers want their work to be played. This includes learning how long to hold beats, when to crescendo and decrescendo, and how to find the proper key. Soon, they won’t need to rely on playing by ear or memorization to grasp and master a piece of work. This will make it easier to practice on their own without constant step-by-step guidance from an instructor. 

Pick Up Other Instruments Faster

Staten-Island-New-York-music-lessonsBecause music theory is like learning a foreign language, children with a strong understanding of how to read what’s written are able to learn other instruments with fewer difficulties. This could help boost their confidence, self-esteem, and sense of accomplishment. In turn, they might become more eager to continue their music lessons into adulthood.

Boost Creativity

Knowing how music is constructed provides kids with building blocks to create their own works. This means they can let their creativity shine through in their music, expressing their character traits and individual style. Understanding the basics of compositions will also make it easier to experiment with classical, folk, jazz, and other music genres in their own work. 


If you want to give your child the tools to flourish as a musician, contact the instructors at DEA Music and Art School. With three locations in Staten Island, NY, the staff is committed to helping New York City kids cultivate their creativity and strengthen musical abilities through music theory and AP music theory classes, as well as instrument and voice lessons. They also offer visual art classes. To inquire about music lessons the school provides, call (718) 370-7733. A team member will help you decide what instrument is best for your child. You can also visit the school online for course details. Connect on Facebook to see videos of student concerts and rehearsals.  

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