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Why Are Whiplash Symptoms Usually Delayed? December 7, 2018

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
Why Are Whiplash Symptoms Usually Delayed?, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Whiplash refers to the sudden and forceful throwing of the neck. It’s the result of a high-velocity impact, such as a car wreck or contact sport. Whiplash causes the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the neck to overextend, resulting in soft tissue damage. The injury can also damage neck nerves as well as spinal discs and bones. And while the symptoms of whiplash do not go unnoticed, they often take six to 12 hours to manifest. 

Why Are Whiplash Symptoms Not Immediately Apparent?

The Adrenaline Factor

The human body’s adrenal glands protect in times of danger. They release adrenaline, a powerful hormone responsible for the body’s fight-or-flight response. As adrenaline flows through the bloodstream, it increases the heart rate, provides the muscles with more nutrient-rich blood, and more.

These actions prepare the body for action while dampening any immediate pain or discomfort. It’s a form of shock that takes over the body until the danger has passed. This is why you do not feel any pain during whiplash – your body has already released the hormone, and you may think you are uninjured.

The Lingering Factor

whiplashAlthough adrenaline production usually only lasts a few minutes, the hormone remains for several hours. You may not experience any whiplash symptoms the day of the accident, though it is likely you will wake up the following morning with severe neck pain, a bad headache, and or pain that shoots through the arms. Pain symptoms occur because the body has turned its focus to healing. And while the inflamed muscles and tendons may hurt, it is a sign your body is healing itself. Inflammation is an immune response that sends white blood cells to the affected area for repair.


If you believe you have suffered from whiplash, rely on the chiropractor at Stoiber Chiropractic to provide the treatment you need. Based in Wisconsin Rapids, the chiropractic care practice combines a holistic approach to health with innovative technologies to provide patients with non-invasive, lasting relief. Dr. Stoiber has  specialized training in diagnosing ligament injuries and treating these injuries with Chiropractic care and high intensity laser therapy. Call (715) 424-8000 to schedule an appointment or visit the website for whiplash treatment information. Like the chiropractor on Facebook for health and wellness tips.

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