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Charlie Chews handmade, all natural dog treats are the healthy & organic alternative to processed dog biscuits. All ingredients are locally sourced and the gourmet dog treats are handmade in Tribeca.

Charlie Chews Talks Pet Health: Follow Their Tips For Feeding Your Adult Pup Healthy Dog Treats! May 7, 2014

Chelsea, Manhattan
Charlie Chews Talks Pet Health: Follow Their Tips For Feeding Your Adult Pup Healthy Dog Treats!, Manhattan, New York

Once, you had an adorable puppy. Tiny, fuzzy, and always on the move, your little puppy was a source of boundless energy, games, and lots and lots of fun. But as the years went by, the precious pup grew and grew…and grew….and now you have an amazing, fully-grown dog to love. At Charlie Chews, they know dogs; as lifetime pet lovers and dog owners, the Tribeca-based team works to improve the lives and health of man and woman’s best friend every day by preparing delicious, local, organic, and all-natural dog treats for them. 

Charlie Chews are ideal for pets of all ages and sizes, and the list of flavors ensures there’s one that will appeal to even the most discerning pooch. But aside from yummy, all-natural dog treats, what should you be feeding your grownup dog on a regular basis? The organic dog treat company will tell you!

First, it’s important to know when your puppy has made the transition to fully adult dog. Typically this is when he or she has reached approximately 90% of their anticipated body weight. Your snuggle buddy is now an adult! As long as his or her coat is glossy, the dog has lots of energy, and appears healthy, you can likely maintain your brand, ingredients, and feeding schedule. However, if your dog seems listless, doesn’t look well, ignores food, or seems lethargic, it’s time to make a change.

It’s always important to make sure that what you feed your dog lines up with his or her individual needs. Factors such as walking schedule, length of time spent outdoors, and stage of life (young, mature, elderly, etc.) all affect what you feed your adult dog, though you should always try to stick to organic, natural, and recognizable ingredients as often as possible. When in doubt, consult with your vet to prescribe the best diet/nutrition plan for your dog!

Find out more about NYC’s top gourmet dog treats today! Visit the website of Charlie Chews to view flavors, ingredients, and the cooking process. For in-store availability, check a pet store near you!