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What You Need to Know About Door Closers in the Winter December 28, 2018

Kenvil, Morris County
What You Need to Know About Door Closers in the Winter, Kenvil, New Jersey

Door closers are a key component of commercial door systems. The hydraulic mechanism is powered by lubricant and metal springs — two elements that are affected by temperature fluctuations and moisture. Issues with door closers are thus common during brutal Northeast winters. Here's a closer look at the risks posed by cold weather and how to avoid them.

A Guide to Winter Weather & Door Closers

The Effects of Cold Weather

door closerOil thickening is the most common problem for door closers in winter. When the temperature drops, the lubricant congeals, making it harder for the door to close. Meanwhile, the metal spring is prone to stiffening when exposed to moisture, like rain and snow. This combination affects the timing of the door and often results in an incredibly slow closure rate or a complete inability to close or open the door. 

Such issues pose both safety and security risks. An open door or one that's slow to close leaves plenty of opportunities for unapproved guests to sneak into the property. If there's an emergency, a stiff door closer inhibits the rate of escape for individuals inside of the building. Over time, the problems can also cause door lock misalignment, frame damage, and increased heating bills.

How to Avoid Problems

While closers may seem like a simple device, they require regular locksmith servicing to maintain their reliability. The process involves inspecting the seal, screws, springs, and o-ring, followed by replacing the lubricant. Commercial locksmiths also adjust the closing speed. Maintenance needs to be performed regularly, or at least once a year, to prevent damage and weather-related malfunctions.

Get your door closer ready to tackle the winter weather with the help of Able Security Locksmiths in Kenvil, NJ. For over 25 years, the family-owned business has proudly served residents and businesses throughout Morris, Sussex, and Warren counties. From servicing to repairs, the team offers quick, reliable, and affordable work. Learn more about their commercial locksmith services online, or request assistance today by calling (973) 584-3033.

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