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Prep for Winter With These 4 Auto Maintenance Tips December 6, 2018

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Prep for Winter With These 4 Auto Maintenance Tips, Meriden, Connecticut

From frequent snowstorms to freezing outdoor temperatures, winter weather tends to take a toll on automobiles. Fortunately, there are a handful of simple things you can do to keep your vehicle in perfect running condition during the cold months. Here are some helpful auto maintenance tips from your local repair shop.

4 Auto Maintenance Pointers for Winter

1. Inspect Your Tires 

auto maintenanceBald tires present an increased risk of accidents and collisions when you drive them on slick and icy roads, so inspect their tread depth periodically. If the gauge reads less than 2/32 of an inch, allow your auto repair shop to replace them. Keep in mind, too, that temperature drops usually decrease tire air pressure, so check their levels and fill them up regularly. 

2. Use Antifreeze

Cold weather risks corroding your engine and causing its fluids to freeze. Prevent these issues by adding diluted antifreeze to your engine’s reservoir. Add more coolant when necessary throughout the winter season to prevent breakdowns. 

3. Change the Oil

Replace the oil in your vehicle as part of your winterization plan. Consider swapping it out for a thinner type that will move with ease through your engine during chilly conditions. Synthetic oils are ideal for cold weather since their viscosity is quite low. 

4. Get a Battery Test

Your car battery experiences increased stress during cold weather. It operates with decreased efficiency, causing it to work harder to power your vehicle. Prevent stalling and startup issues by having it tested by your local auto repair shop. Go ahead and replace the battery if it is near or past the three-year mark. 


Ensure the reliability of your vehicle year-round with auto maintenance from SAFE Auto Service. They provide prompt and affordable oil changes, wheel alignments, brake repairs, and other services to drivers throughout Meriden, CT. Call this auto repair shop at (203) 237-4311 today to speak with a representative about setting up an auto maintenance schedule. Visit them online to read customer testimonials and view a gallery of their work. 

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