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FAQ About Dental Implants December 12, 2018

Anderosa, Colorado Springs
FAQ About Dental Implants, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Missing teeth can cause big problems for both your oral health and your appearance. Fortunately, dental implants are a reliable way to restore your smile and give you confidence. Designed to replace the tooth and root structure for a lifetime, these custom prosthetics function and look just like natural teeth. If you’re curious about the benefits of this treatment and what it’s like to live with these prosthetics, here are answers to a few common questions that patients have about dental implants.

Your Guide to Dental Implants

What is the treatment process like?

During the first phase of treatment, your provider will surgically insert a titanium post into the gum tissue where the natural tooth used to be. After this, you’ll wait a few weeks as the post fuses with your jawbone and the surgical site heals. Once healing is complete, your dentist will affix a custom dental crown to the post that matches the color and shape of your other teeth.

Are implants better than dentures?

Offering a secure fit, implants make speaking and eating much more comfortable than dentures. They are also designed to last a lifetime, whereas dentures should be replaced every few years.  

Can I get implants if I don’t have sufficient jawbone?

dental implantsIf you suffer from jawbone loss, a dentist may still be able to place the implant using a special device that is positioned beneath the gum tissue as opposed to direct insertion into the bone. However, dentures may be your best option if jawbone loss is severe.

Are dental implants expensive?

Although dental implants tend to involve higher upfront costs than other cosmetic treatments, they can deliver a better value over time. If your prosthetics are properly cared for, you won’t have to pay for replacements. And since implants prevent natural teeth from shifting, they can help you avoid the need for expensive orthodontic treatment.

How should I care for my prosthetics?

Just like natural teeth, dental implants can be kept intact with routine brushing and flossing. However, since the prosthetic will not respond to traditional teeth whitening, it’s a good idea to avoid foods and drinks that cause staining. You should also avoid using your teeth as tools to open or tear items, as excessive pressure may cause the crown to crack.


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