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What to Do After Getting Engaged December 6, 2018

Woods Bay-Rollins, Lake
What to Do After Getting Engaged, Woods Bay-Rollins, Montana

Once the excitement of getting engaged has set in, you and your partner will need to look toward the future and your impending nuptials. While brainstorming and daydreaming about details can be fun, it can be challenging to know exactly where to begin planning your wedding reception. Below are a few starting points.

5 Steps to Take After Your Engagement

1. Share the Good News With Family

Before getting tied up in the details and the wedding planning process, take a moment to toast to your future and share the good news with family and loved ones. By telling your nearest and dearest about your engagement, you’ll have the opportunity to savor the experience and discuss those big questions that are bound to come up as far as location, date, and inspiration.

2. Make a Priority List

In the early days of your engagement, sit down with your partner and discuss your priorities regarding the wedding reception and ceremony. By having a frank conversation in regards to location, size, and budget, you can work together as a united front to host your dream celebration. 

3. Research & Tour Wedding Venues

wedding receptionOne of the major aspects of any wedding is finding the right event space that meets your criteria and is large enough to cater to your party. Research wedding venues in your desired area and set up tours so you can see each option in person. By meeting event space coordinators and learning about catering options, noise restrictions, and amenities, you’ll have the opportunity to find the ideal place to tie the knot. 

4. Pick a Date

Once you’ve narrowed down your wedding reception location options, decide on the exact date you want to get married. Many wedding venues are booked months in advance, so choose some backup dates in case your first choice is already booked. 

5. Brainstorm Wedding Reception Vendors & Decor

After you’ve selected the perfect event space and booked a date for your wedding reception, you can focus on the exciting details that will make your big day unique. Consider hiring a wedding planner or asking friends and loved ones for vendor recommendations, so you have the right food, flowers, decor, and outfits to celebrate in.


Atanaha Event Center, located in Bigfork, MT, is a celebrated event space known for hosting beautiful wedding receptions and special occasions. If you’re newly engaged and looking for a stunning, accommodating, and convenient event venue, call (406) 837-2231 to schedule a tour of their facilities. For more information on their friendly and efficient coordination team and to view photos of previous weddings held at this picturesque location, visit their website.

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