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3 Home Renovation Ideas for Growing Families December 6, 2018

Midtown East, Manhattan
3 Home Renovation Ideas for Growing Families , Manhattan, New York

Whether you plan to welcome a new little one into the world or invite an elderly parent to live with you, many families grow and change over time—sometimes, in unexpected ways. While your existing house may not be perfectly suited for newcomers, don’t fear—there are several steps you can take to adapt your home to accommodate a growing family. Here is a guide that offers a few home renovation ideas you may need in the years ahead.

What Are Some Home Renovation Ideas for Growing Families?

1. Bonus Room

home renovationWhether you opt to finish your basement or add a new area onto your property, a bonus room offers the perfect leisure space for growing families. You can convert it into an at-home cinema, a bar and game room, or a playroom for a baby, adding value to your home. Incorporating features like sound insulation will also make it an excellent place for teens to play video games or listen to music without disturbing the rest of the home. 

2. Guest Room

A guest room can double as a temporary bedroom for a relative or provide a space for loved ones when they come to visit. Since guest rooms typically don’t demand much storage space, homeowners can incorporate the room into their existing floor plan. Otherwise, guest rooms can be added on the ground floor, or integrated into the basement or attic.

3. Expanded Dining Area

Whether they’re watching TV, cooking as a team, or eating breakfast, many families spend a lot of time in the kitchen and dining area of the home. As an increasingly multifunctional space, many homeowners will benefit from expanding their existing kitchen or dining area to accommodate newcomers into the house. To do so, a remodeling contractor can tear down existing walls to open up the floor plan. Whether you’re enjoying a holiday dinner or hosting a get-together, an expanded dining area provides everyone the space they need.

Are you curious how these types of renovation projects are done? Here is a quick video explaining how:


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