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How Bulk Salt Promotes Wintertime Safety December 6, 2018

Northfield Center, Summit
How Bulk Salt Promotes Wintertime Safety , Northfield Center, Ohio

Most people know that pouring salt on the ground will de-ice sidewalks, city streets, and highways. By lowering ice’s melting point, bulk salt can rapidly accelerate the de-icing process, thereby improving drivability. However, many people do not know the profound impact salt can have on the safety and well-being of drivers and pedestrians alike.

How Does Bulk Salt Help People Stay Safe?

How Salt Helps in Winter

Research conducted by University of Waterloo scientists and released by the American Highway Users Alliance found that the surface condition of the road is the most important safety factor during winter, beating out the likes of visibility, precipitation intensity, and wind speed. In the same study, researchers found that using road salt can reduce the risk of collisions by 85%. Though thousands of people die each year across the nation due to snowy and icy conditions, a bag of salt may make all the difference.

How to use Bagged Salt

bulk saltExperts recommend keeping a big bag of salt in your vehicle and your home because you never know when you might need it. If your car becomes stuck on the road, bagged salt can melt the ice impeding your tires’ movement; it can also improve friction. Outside your home, you can follow the same protocol. Some people even keep a stash in their bag or backpack so that they can prevent slipping on treacherous sidewalks throughout the winter months.

While sprinkling the salt directly onto the slippery area will provide benefits, you can accelerate the process by first removing as much snow and ice as possible with a shovel or brush. Then, apply salt to the area before shoveling again. Repeat as necessary until you clear the area.


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