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4 Questions About Funeral Flower Etiquette December 6, 2018

Harpers Ferry, Jefferson
4 Questions About Funeral Flower Etiquette, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

When loved ones die, many people choose to display flowers at funeral services to honor the memory of those they’ve lost. The somber occasion comes with etiquette that isn’t widely discussed, but important to follow in terms of respect. Knowing just a few tips will keep your arrangements both appropriate and beautiful when having to plan for a funeral.

Common Questions About Floral Arrangements for Funeral Services

What types of flowers are appropriate to send?

There are a few aspects to consider for arrangements, from hue to symbolism.  Darker arrangements could help convey your sorrow for the death, while bright flowers will help you celebrate a rich life once lived. Choose flowers that symbolize your emotions. Forget-Me-Nots are associated with remembrance, while a lily symbolizes rebirth. Keep in mind who it is you’re honoring and if they had a favorite flower themselves. 

What if I’m not sure of the room layout?

Harpers-Ferry-West-Virginia-funeral-servicesIf you are unfamiliar with the room where the funeral service will be held, try to avoid sending flowers in vases. If there is not enough room, it could be difficult to find a flat surface to display the arrangement. Instead, opt for a funeral standing spray or wreath mounted on an easel. Both can be set to the side easily if they happen to get in the way. 

What if the obituary or funeral notice has an "in lieu of" clause?

If you plan to attend a funeral service, the family might ask people to make donations to a charity instead of sending flowers. Respect this request, as the money will go towards helping others. Even with an “in lieu of” clause, bringing flowers could still be greatly appreciated. The vibrant display and pleasant aroma could have a calming effect to help people cope with their grief. 

What should I write on the card?

Many cards include pre-written condolences, which means putting your signature should suffice. Remember to include both your first and last name to prevent confusing your arrangement with others. If the card does not include a message, write something concise, such as “My heart goes out to your family” or “I’m sorry for your loss.” Attending the service will give you a chance to say more to the surviving family directly.


For assistance planning a funeral in Harpers Ferry, WV, contact the professionals at Eackles-Spencer & Norton Funeral Home. From selecting appropriate flowers to helping write the obituary, the staff will assist with every aspect of making funeral arrangements. To schedule a consultation in Jefferson County, call (304) 724-6500, or visit the website for funeral service information. Stay in touch on Facebook for recommendations to help cope with grief during trying times. 

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