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3 Car Maintenance Tips for Winter December 6, 2018

Branford Center, New Haven County
3 Car Maintenance Tips for Winter , Branford Center, Connecticut

Cold, icy weather takes a toll on everything it touches, including your vehicle. Freezing temperatures thicken your motor oil, suck up your battery life, and cause your engine to go into overdrive. To protect your vehicle from the harsh weather ahead and avoid wintertime automotive repairs, take the following maintenance steps.

3 Ways to Avoid Needing Automotive Repairs This Winter

1. Check the Oil

Cold temperatures will thicken your motor oil, causing severe damage to your engine. To prevent harm, enlist a professional auto mechanic to assess your oil’s viscosity before winter. You may need to switch the oil to a variety with W-rated viscosity, which means it’s certified for use in wintertime. During the oil checkup, the mechanic should also check the heater hoses and radiator for flaws or signs of damage. By performing such small automotive repairs today, you’ll avoid leaks, breakdowns, and more serious issues down the road.

2. Test Your Battery

automotive repairAt 0 degrees Fahrenheit, a battery only possesses about half the power that it does at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Since winter weather will quickly eat into your battery life, check your battery at the start of the season and recheck it a few times until warm weather returns. 

Test conventional batteries by removing the plastic cap and assessing the fluid levels with help from your vehicle’s manual; if the fluid is running low, add distilled water. On other batteries, simply look at the window at the top to assess power. You may also bring your vehicle into an auto shop for a professional assessment. Batteries over five years old or that seem to run low should be replaced before winter.

3. Assess Your Tires

Plummeting temperatures often cause pressure inside your tires to drop, which can lead to a flat. Meanwhile, weak treading can cause tires to slip around and spin out on ice and snow. To ensure your tires are prepared for the cold and icy conditions ahead, test their pressure with a pressure gauge. Assess the tread by using the penny test: if you stick a penny in your tire’s groove and can see all of Lincoln’s head, your tread is too worn. Upgrade to winter tires if you must drive in snowy conditions frequently.


Prepare your car for the winter ahead when you drop by New Haven County, CT’s premier auto shop. For over 30 years, the knowledgeable team from Branford Radiator Repair Service has helped locals keep their rides running in optimal condition all year round. The team is pleased to offer fair prices for automotive repairs and unmatched customer service. Whether you have a radiator leak or need a tune-up, schedule an appointment today when you call (203) 488-7346. To learn more about automotive repair services, visit the locally owned and operated business online.

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