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How to Protect Your Smile During National Popcorn Day January 18, 2019

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How to Protect Your Smile During National Popcorn Day, Kalispell, Montana

Do you know January 19 is National Popcorn Day? In addition to tasting good, these morsels are a healthy snack with a rich history. Here are fun facts and important points dentists want you to think about when you pop a handful of this delightful food into your mouth.

Popcorn & Dental Care From a Dentist’s View

Fun Facts About Popcorn 

Popcorn is an excellent choice when you want a naturally low-calorie, low-fat, non-GMO, and gluten-free snack full of whole-grain goodness. Aztec Indians used popcorn as food and in their ceremonial clothing and accessories during the 1500s, and 1,000-year-old kernels found in South America can still pop. 

What to Watch Out for When Eating Popcorn

dentistYour dentist knows popcorn generates lactic acid in the mouth, which can eat away at tooth enamel. If you’re a popcorn fan, you know that those hulls get stuck between your teeth and at the gum line. When they remain there too long, they can cause gum infection or abscesses. When you’re near the bottom of the bag or bowl, watch out for those kernels that didn’t pop because biting one could crack or break a tooth and require an emergency visit to the dentist.

Dental Care & Popcorn 

To reduce the effect of lactic acid on your teeth, rinse your mouth with water or chew sugar-free gum after enjoying your healthy snack. A toothpick and dental floss work well for removing those pesky popcorn hulls from between your teeth. You can avoid a cracked or broken tooth by checking each handful of popcorn before eating or making a fresh batch before digging into the bottom of the bowl. 


Popcorn is a fun snack you can enjoy year-round. With proper dental care and regular checkups from Ronald B. Potthoff, DDS, PC, in Kalispell, MT, you maintain healthy teeth and gums and ward off any potential problems this popular treat might cause. Choose this experienced dentist and his team as your partners in good overall oral health care. Call the dental office today at (406) 755-5280 to schedule an appointment.

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