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Golf Apparel to Wear During Your First Match December 13, 2018

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Golf Apparel to Wear During Your First Match, Manhattan, New York

If you’re confident that you’ve mastered the basics and excited about playing your first golf match, you might be primarily focused on your swing. But, there’s another important detail that also plays a big role in your success—your golf apparel! What you wear on the green ensures that you’re comfortable moving from one hole to the next. Before your first match, take your cue from these styling tips to make the most of your time on the course.

How to Dress for Your First Golf Match

1. Shirt

New York, NY golf apparelIf you’re envisioning a smart, collared shirt for your first match, you’re on the right track. Classic golf shirts are comfortable, timeless, and suitable to wear to any match. Some facilities even require that you wear a collar, so it’s best to err on the side of caution. This applies to both men and women, and there is a wide range of color options available to suit any wardrobe.

2. Bottoms

Continuing with the classic theme, typical golf bottoms include pleated or flat-front pants. Some may elect to wear pants made with a water-resistant fabric in case a little bit of light rain is forecasted. Shorts are also acceptable, and women may choose to wear traditional golf skirts when it’s especially hot outside.

3. Shoes

Wearing the right pair of golf shoes is essential to your success on the course. Most facilities don’t allow players to wear metal spikes because they may cause surface damage. A pair with soft spikes, however, is permitted. These create sufficient traction and make it easy for your feet to remain grounded without risking damage to the green.

4. Gloves

Even if you are wearing suitable golf apparel, you may be uncomfortable if you neglect to add gloves. They’re designed to prevent blisters, wick moisture from your hands, and provide a gentle cushion between skin and fabric. Seek out pairs that are available in different sizes so that you can find a precise fit that won’t move when you swing your golf club.

5. Hat

While professional golfers typically sport hats for their sponsors, the average match player needs one for a more practical reason—to shield their eyes from the sunlight and protect their skin from burning. Be sure to wear one that fits properly so that you aren’t left dealing with a headache by the ninth hole.


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