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3 Valuable Tips for Feeding Show Pigs January 2, 2019

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3 Valuable Tips for Feeding Show Pigs, Bethel, Ohio

Creating the right feeding routine is a vital part of raising competitive show pigs. With the correct method, you have the potential to achieve the most valuable traits for showing purposes. Before your next trip to the feed mill, consider the following tips.

3 Helpful Tips for Successful Show Pig Feeding

1. Choose the Right Supplies

While hogs will eat just about anything, carefully select food for your show pigs. The goal of the whole process is to grow a strong, large, and healthy animal. As such, you need to select food with high nutritional content to allow the pig's genetic qualities to reach their full potential. Ask a feed mill employee about the available options and what they recommend for show pigs.

2. Provide the Right Amount of Food

feed millAlong with the type of food, serving size is a key factor in achieving optimal growth. Typically, amounts range from four to eight pounds of food per feeding. However, the exact level is determined by the animal's size, and it needs to be adjusted as they grow. Your veterinarian should be able to provide the right serving size for your pig as well as a timeline for increases.

3. Follow a Specific Schedule

Regardless of whether you choose to hand-feed or let your swine self-feed, the process needs to occur twice daily. By splitting up the meals, the pigs digest the food more effectively. As a result, the animal is likely to absorb more nutrients and achieve better growth results.


Whether you need pig, cow, or horse feed, you're sure to find the right livestock supplies for your needs at Bethel Feed & Supply Pet & Garden Center. Since 1858, the feed mill has proudly provided farmers throughout Clermont County, OH, with top-quality and affordable products. Along with livestock food, they also offer an impressive selection of field fencing solutions and pet accessories. Learn more about the feed mill's livestock supplies online or by calling (513) 734-2246.

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