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3 Tips for Wintertime Pool Safety December 7, 2018

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3 Tips for Wintertime Pool Safety, Spencerport, New York

While pools are a convenient, comfortable place to cool off during the summer, they can be a liability during the winter, especially if you don’t have a pool fence. Fortunately, by making a few simple changes, you can prevent accidents and keep your family, friends, and neighbors safe. Here are three tips for wintertime pool safety.

How to Keep Your Pool Area Safe During Winter

1. Use a Pool Cover

One way to protect your children and pets from accidental drownings around a pool is by installing a strong pool cover. While many versions are simply tethered in place, others are designed to automatically unfold and cover the pool with the touch of a button. 

2. Install a Safety Pool Fence 

pool fencePool covers may seem secure, but if your family members or pets figure out how to push the right buttons or untether the edges, your pool area can become dangerous again. To add an extra layer of protection, install a solid safety pool fence. These barriers are typically short enough not to impede view but can keep children, animals, and unwelcome adults from using the pool without permission. 

3. Test Your Pool Alarm

Pool alarms work by monitoring the waves of your swimming pool and sounding a notification if anything breaches the surface when the alarm is activated. In New York, pool alarms are required for any pool that was installed or renovated after December 14, 2006, but even if your pool was built before then, installing an alarm will keep it safer. 

After you have a pool alarm installed, test it by attempting to enter the pool from various areas. If the alarm sounds, it is working properly. If you spot issues with your pool alarm during testing, replace the alarm immediately to prevent accidents. 


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