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4 Tips for Driving Safely in Snow December 5, 2018

Ronkonkoma, Islip
4 Tips for Driving Safely in Snow, Islip, New York

Winter creates hazardous driving conditions. Accumulated snow and ice on the road make it difficult to maintain traction, increasing the likelihood of a collision that could necessitate auto repair or even a hospital visit. Keep safe this winter by following these four tips when out on the road.

How to Drive Safely This Winter

1. Take Your Time

Sudden movements – slamming on the brakes, abruptly changing lanes, or turning too quickly – are always dangerous when driving, but are especially so in the slippery, icy road conditions of winter. Reduce your chances of losing control by driving slowly. Approach intersections by gently easing down on the brakes. Accelerate gradually to avoid skidding on slick pavement.

2. Increase Distance

auto repairMaintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. Otherwise, if the other motorist suddenly brakes, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to stop in time. Give yourself 7 to 8 seconds worth of distance from other vehicles in icy or snowy conditions. You’ll give yourself enough time to react and decrease the chances you’ll need auto repair.

3. Keep Going

Heavy snowstorms make it difficult to get the car moving again once it’s come to a complete stop. The tires might sink into the slush and lose traction on the slick road surface, or get stuck in deep snow. The simplest solution is to keep going. If you’re approaching a traffic light, try to maintain a slow enough speed that you’ll continue rolling until the light changes.

4. Approach Hills Carefully

When possible, find a route that avoids hills. If you must go over a hill, don’t accelerate too quickly when approaching, as this will only cause your tires to spin out. Keep a constant speed all the way through the climb and gradually ease off the gas as you reach the peak to prevent going too fast down the other side.


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