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4 Ways to Keep Your Storage Unit Dust-Free December 5, 2018

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4 Ways to Keep Your Storage Unit Dust-Free, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Whether you’re going away to college, renovating the house, or need space to store seasonal items, storage units provide a safe, convenient way to keep your home tidy and clutter-free. However, to make sure your belongings are ready to use when you need them, it’s important to keep your unit clean as well. Here are a few tips to keep your unit dust-free.

How to Manage Dust in Your Storage Unit

1. Clean Items Before Storing

Before you put items in storage, make sure they’re clean. Launder your clothes and linens, and vacuum furniture and rugs. Wipe down furniture and other fabric items as well with a damp cloth. This will limit the dust and debris that enter your unit, so your items are ready to use when you pull them out of storage. 

2. Use Plastic, Not Cardboard

storage unitChoosing the right containers can do wonders for keeping your belongings safe and clean. Instead of cardboard boxes, use plastic bins that will protect your items from moisture as well as dust. These are also much easier to clean when they get dirty — just wipe them with a duster or wet rag. Wipe the interior of the box clean before placing your belongings inside.

3. Use Vacuum-Sealed Bags 

Like plastic bins, vacuum-sealed bags keep dust and other particles from embedding themselves in the fabric of clothes and other items. To prevent wrinkles as well as dust, hang clothes vertically on a rack. You can use a vacuum or a duster to clean the bags when it’s time to clean out the unit. Vacuum-sealed bags also save space in your storage facility, giving you more room to stow other items.

4. Air it Out

Air out the unit from time to time to prevent a stale, dusty smell from absorbing into your belongings. Climate controlled units tend to be less dusty and stagnant than their counterparts, but these still need to be aired out occasionally. Ideally, go into the unit to tidy up once a month. For added convenience, consider keeping cleaning supplies in the unit, so you can give it a quick dusting on your monthly visit. 


If you’re in need of a reliable storage unit, visit Northgate Mini Storage in Jacksonville, AR. This local storage facility has helped community members throughout Pulaski County declutter their homes and businesses for years. Open 24/7 with a broad range of unit sizes available, there’s nowhere better to securely keep your belongings. They also offer climate-controlled facilities to ensure your most valuable possessions are protected from the outdoor elements. To discuss renting a unit, call (501) 985-5054, or visit the website to learn more about all they have to offer. 

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