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Video Marketing by MultiVision Digital Keeps Tech Companies Thriving July 3, 2015

Harlem, Manhattan
Video Marketing by MultiVision Digital Keeps Tech Companies Thriving, Manhattan, New York

Technology companies are challenged with always selling technology and software that is constantly changing...and then having to communicate that to buyers and potential business investors.  B2B video advertising communications can help B2B marketing experts and sales managers better explain their technology services and reach a wider audience by showing more to potential customers than text or images alone can. A well-executed digital video marketing strategy can have an incredibly positive impact on sales and customer loyalty. MultiVision Digital has is a video production services company that has the experience needed to help your business create and implement the best online B2B video production and video content marketing strategies.

Businesses from every industry are cashing in on the value of a B2B video content marketing strategy to expose their products and services to potential new customers.  Because of our fast-paced world, online business video can help engage viewers much faster than other forms of content. Studies show that up to 60% of internet users will click on an online video production link before reading an article or blog post. A solid video advertising campaign strategy can positively impact your sales at almost any point during the B2B sales cycle, and sets your business apart from the competition along the way.

In a study conducted by Vidyard/Demand Metric Benchmark, many B2B marketers stated that business video content marketing motivates potential leads significantly more than other types of content, influencing conversion rates during all points of the marketing and sales funnel.

A focused business video marketing strategy can help you with the following objectives:

  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Improved SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Greater Social media outreach
  • Higher Click thru and Open Rates in Email marketing
  • Improved Landing page conversion

It's easy to understand why so many B2B marketing experts consider business video content marketing a vital tool for growing their business. 

Though budgets need to be allocated for productions, video content marketing pays for itself by generating and closing leads. Looking to get some more information about a video project, or want to get more info on how B2B video content marketing will work for your business?  Contact MultiVision Digital through their website or call (646) 319-8609 today to get more information about how their corporate video production services can help your business.

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