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EXIT Strategy Realty, an office of EXIT Realty Upper Midwest, has been Chicago, IL's fastest growing real estate franchise by providing real estate leadership opportunities for charismatic career searchers. With the abundance of knowledge and real estate agent investor training, EXIT Strategy Realty will help you grow in your career and expand your real estate horizon.

4 Frequently Asked Questions About Starting a Real Estate Business December 29, 2018

Logan Square, Chicago
4 Frequently Asked Questions About Starting a Real Estate Business, Chicago, Illinois

Starting a business of your own takes a considerable amount of courage and dedication. This is true of a real estate business, whether it's an independent agency or a franchise. Many people who are drawn to the idea of this type of entrepreneurship have unanswered questions that keep them from moving forward. To encourage you to pursue your dream of business ownership, below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about careers in real estate.

What You Should Know About Starting a Real Estate Business

What skills do you need to start your own business?

To be successful as an entrepreneur, you need to be a self-starter. You cannot wait to be told what to do; you must take charge, understand what needs to be done, and do it yourself. You should thrive on challenges and have a great deal of faith in yourself. You should also have strong leadership and communication skills and be willing to delegate responsibility to people you trust.

What types of real estate businesses are there?Real estate business in Upper Midwest

There are numerous types of real estate businesses. For example, you could choose to buy, renovate, and sell houses for a profit. You could be a landlord, buying and renting properties. You could specialize in property management or in selling real estate for others. Decide where your strengths lie and focus your energies there. For instance, if you are handy with tools, your best bet may be to renovate and flip houses. If you enjoy networking, perhaps a career in real estate sales is the way to go.

What are the benefits of a real estate investment?

Becoming a landlord takes more work than investing in stocks and bonds. However, it offers a variety of financial benefits. For instance, rents provide a monthly cash flow, while asset appreciating provides long-term benefits. Moreover, property ownership provides tax benefits through depreciation.

Should you consider a real estate franchise?

If your skills lie in sales, a realtor license could be your best bet. You might also consider purchasing a real estate franchise instead of creating an independent agency. A franchise provides you with the benefits of a known brand, as well as the support of the corporate entity and ongoing training opportunities. Meanwhile, you enjoy the freedom to manage your own business, set your own hours, and hire your own personnel.


To learn more about starting your own real estate business, contact EXIT Realty Upper Midwest. They are one of the region's fastest-growing businesses, with locations in Minneapolis and Lakeville, MN, Cedar Rapids, IA, and Chicago, IL. Whether you're brand new or well established in your real estate career, building a real estate franchise with the help of a proven company is an exciting and rewarding opportunity. Visit their website to learn more about the company or call (651) 505-3570 to have a friendly, knowledgeable representative answer your questions.

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