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What Is the Difference Between Brand-Name & Generic Drugs? December 5, 2018

O'Bryonville, Cincinnati
What Is the Difference Between Brand-Name & Generic Drugs?, Cincinnati, Ohio

The last time you picked up medication at the pharmacy, did you have the option to choose between a brand-name drug and a generic one? If so, you may have found yourself wondering what the differences—or similarities—were between the two. Given the major discrepancy in price, it’s only natural to wonder if they're even comparable. Here is what you should know about what they have in common and how they differ. 

Brand-Name Medications

Brand-name medications are those created by pharmaceutical companies through research, development, trial, and error. Because of the FDA’s rigorous safety requirements, which include all kinds of clinical tests, it is not uncommon for a manufacturer to spend millions—or even billions—devising a new, brand-name drug. To recoup these costs, manufacturers are granted the sole retail rights to the medication in question for up to 20 years. 

Generic Medications 

pharmacyOnce the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s patent protection expires, others can produce their own version of the drug. These medications are considered generic versions of the brand-name drug and are prepared with the same dosage, active ingredients, and administration route. Because those who produce generic drugs did not have to cover all the costs associated with the clinical trials, they can sell them for considerably less at pharmacies. 

It is worth noting that although brand-name and generic medications may have the same active ingredients, they can have different inactive ingredients. Therefore, the chemical makeup of these drugs is not identical, and some patients may have more success with one over the other. 


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