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How to Prepare Perennial Flowers for the Winter December 5, 2018

East Hamilton, Hamilton
How to Prepare Perennial Flowers for the Winter, Hamilton, Ohio

As winter approaches, homeowners need to take extra precautions to prepare their landscaping for the colder weather. To ensure a lush yard and garden at the outset of spring, it’s important to know how to prepare perennial flowers for the change of seasons. By following a few best practices, homeowners can expect their flowers to grow back bigger and stronger when the weather warms.  

3 Tips to Prepare Perennial Flowers for the Winter

1. Trim Properly

The eye test can help homeowners ascertain what parts of the flower need to be trimmed. The dry stems of flowers should be cut back to soil level to remove the parts of the plant most likely to harbor disease and pests. Healthy-looking stems should be left alone since they’ll likely be able to withstand the cold on their own. Once these stems are cut, the plant trimmings should be cleaned up and added to home compost piles for healthy soil that’s used in the warmer months.

2. Add Mulch

landscapingPlants like to be insulated against the bitter winter cold. Adding a layer of mulch to your perennial flower beds can act as a ground cover to keep your landscaping warm when the temperature drops. Pine needles and mulched leaves are ideal ground cover and should be applied roughly 6 inches high once the ground freezes.

3. Consult a Professional

Are you not sure how to take care of your perennial flowers to ensure a vibrant yard in the spring? Bring in a professional landscaper to provide seasonal maintenance. Landscaping professionals can clean up and winterproof your yard to protect your flowers against the elements and prepare them to grow more robust than ever at winter’s end.


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