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Traveling Over the Holidays? Check Your Homeowners Insurance December 5, 2018

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Traveling Over the Holidays? Check Your Homeowners Insurance, Randleman, North Carolina

If you’re planning on taking a trip this holiday season, your home may be the last thing on your mind. But while you’re away enjoying your destination, there are many seasonal dangers that could put your residential property at risk. With the right amount of homeowners insurance, many of the costs associated with these dangers can be avoided. In order to make sure you have enough protection, it’s a good idea to discuss your current coverage with a trusted insurance agent. Here are just a few reasons why that call could help you rest easy during your winter vacation.

Why You Should Revisit Your Home’s Insurance Before Winter Travel

To Protect Against Theft

While break-ins can occur at any time of the year, the holidays are of particular concern since families are away on vacation and expensive gifts can be found inside the house.

When these incidents occur, homeowners insurance will pay for stolen items to be replaced. However, it’s important to remember that this insurance will only cover up to a certain limit and may not pay for stolen items that weren’t listed on the policy or exceed your limit. If you think the worth of your valuables has increased in the past year, ask your insurance agent how you can increase your coverage limit.

To Defend Against Bad Weather

homeowners insuranceIce and high winds are a few weather problems that can put your home in danger during the winter. If there’s a severe storm while you’re away, you may not be able to respond promptly enough to prevent major property damage. Fortunately, if you have homeowners insurance, your policy can cover many forms of damage caused by bad weather. An insurance agent can review what protections you have in place and add any that are missing.

To Avoid Legal Expenses

Homeowners insurance isn’t just designed to cover theft and damage that affects your property—it can also help pay for medical costs associated with personal injuries that occur on your home. During the winter, this coverage is especially important, as icy walkways and falling tree branches can cause injury to people on your property—even those that you may not have invited. To avoid legal fees associated with these injury claims, check with your agent to make sure you have enough liability insurance.


Whether you want to step up your protection before taking a holiday vacation or simply want to enhance your policy for the new year, MP Davis Insurance Agency can help. Serving the Randleman, NC, community for more than 40 years, these experienced agents will introduce you to a variety of homeowners insurance options to ensure you have optimal coverage all year-long. If needed, this team can also connect you to other vital forms of protection, including renters and auto insurance. Visit this provider on Facebook to learn more about these products or call (336) 498-7606 to request a custom quote from a friendly Randolph County insurance agent.

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