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How to Carry a Conversation on a First Date December 5, 2018

Glendale, Milwaukee
How to Carry a Conversation on a First Date, Glendale, Wisconsin

Dating can be inherently stressful, and even if the chemistry is palpable and you have a lot in common, it’s natural to feel nervous, especially during a first date. Unfortunately, letting nerves get the best of you can inhibit conversation — or leave you babbling senselessly. By keeping a few simple tips in mind, carrying on an easy conversation will be effortless and ensure more dates to come. 

3 Tips to Keep the Conversation Going During a First Date

1. Give & Take

A flowing conversation is all about give and take. That means giving more than one-word answers and taking the time to think up meaningful questions of your own. Try to avoid answering questions with a simple yes or no, but be wary of spending the whole evening talking about yourself. Typically, asking a question after answering one will strike a good balance. If you’re not sure what to ask, a simple “what about you?” might suffice. 

2. Avoid Heated Topics

datingIt’s wise to avoid discussing religion or politics on a first date. Both can stall an otherwise enjoyable conversation. If either is incredibly important to you, though, it’s okay to broach the topic on future dates. After all, you’ll need to know where your partner stands on the issues that matter to you to foster a strong connection over time. 

3. Bask in the Silence

Remember: Not all silences are awkward. If you start chattering nonstop or fire seemingly unrelated questions when dating, the conversation will feel robotic and rehearsed. Depending on where the date is, silence can be golden. If you’re at a restaurant, for example, give your date a chance to read the menu. If you go hiking together, letting the sounds of nature take over at times can be calming and romantic.


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