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How Traffic & Speeding Tickets Affect Your Record in Missouri December 12, 2018

Cameron, Clinton
How Traffic & Speeding Tickets Affect Your Record in Missouri, Cameron, Missouri

Getting pulled over is a situation every driver dreads. However, the penalties are different depending on where you are located. The state of Missouri has its own system for handling traffic and speeding tickets, and if you're a driver in the Show Me State, it can be helpful to understand how this system works and how tickets affect your driving record.

How Does the Traffic System Work in Missouri?

Each traffic or speeding ticket comes with a certain number of points attached to it. How many points an offense is given depends on the type and nature of the infraction. If you accumulate four points within a span of one year, the state will send you an advisory letter, which is essentially a warning detailing how many points you have and what could happen if more build up.

What Are the Penalties?

speeding ticketIf a Missouri driver accumulates eight or more points within 18 months, their driver's license will be suspended. A first-time suspension lasts 30 days, a second suspension is 60 days, and anything higher than a second offense will result in a 90-day suspension.

Higher point totals in a shorter time frame mean a lengthier revocation of driving privileges. If you build up 12 or more points within one year, 18 within two years, or 24 within three years, your license will be suspended for 12 months. 

What Happens After Reinstatement?

After your license is reinstated, the state will lower your total points to four. From then on, each year you drive without adding new points, that number will be reduced by one. Bear in mind, however, that certain serious traffic offenses, such as a DWI, must, according to Missouri state law, stay on one's driving record.


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