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How to Help Your Loved One Feel at Home in Assisted Living During the Holiday Season December 5, 2018

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How to Help Your Loved One Feel at Home in Assisted Living During the Holiday Season, Biron, Wisconsin

Whenever anyone moves into assisted living, there is a period of transition for the whole family. If your loved one has recently moved into a facility, it's important to recognize that the holiday season can present some unique challenges. Fortunately, there are some ways you, as a trusted family member or friend, can make this time of year easier.

4 Tips for Helping a Loved One Feel at Home in Assisted Living During the Holidays

1. Visit Them & Do a Gift Exchange

Visiting your loved one regularly will help them feel valued, remembered, and supported during the holidays. Feel free to visit on your own or with other family members or friends. And don't be afraid to celebrate! Swap names, exchange gifts and cards, and spend quality time together. Everyone will treasure these moments.

2. Share a Meal With Them

assisted livingFor many, one of the great joys of the holidays is food. There's no reason your loved one can't still indulge in a holiday meal with their nearest and dearest. If they have a kitchen in their assisted living unit, offer to make a meal together. If they can’t cook, consider bringing in food or joining them in the cafeteria.

3. Help Them Decorate

The environment in which a person lives can have a dramatic impact on their health and mood. Get into the merriment of the season by helping them decorate their room or unit in the assisted living facility. Even just a little seasonal cheer can make a huge difference; bring in tinsel, a string of lights, or some window decals.

4. Play Their Favorite Card Games

Card games are an excellent opportunity to spend time together and engage in some good-natured competition. What's more: a deck of cards is extremely versatile. If you get tired of playing one game, there are countless others. It's a great way to spend a leisurely afternoon together.


The above tips will ensure your loved one in assisted living is surrounded by love this holiday season. Wellington Place at Biron offers assisted living, respite care, and long-term nursing support to individuals in the Wisconsin Rapids area. Set up a tour today by calling (715) 423-5600, visiting their website, or messaging them on Facebook.

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