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What Does It Mean When Someone Jumps Bail? January 11, 2019

Downtown Hartford, Hartford
What Does It Mean When Someone Jumps Bail?, Hartford, Connecticut

In the United States, law enforcement personnel are supposed to treat suspects as if they are innocent until definitive proof of guilt arises. That means even if an arrest is warranted, most suspects have the right to be released from custody until their trial. To ensure they show up for any proceedings, the bail system was established. Bail aims to serve as a kind of insurance policy. If suspects fail to show up for the proceedings, it is known as a failure to appear(FTA), skipping, absconding or bail jumping, and the consequences for doing so can be dire.

The Financial Repercussions

Suspects who jump bail essentially surrender the payment that was made to the court for their release. Since friends or family members were undoubtedly the ones who posted bail on the suspect’s behalf, that means those who helped them will lose out on a considerable amount of money. And if the party that posted bail put up any assets as collateral, the bondsman has the right to collect them, as well. 

The Criminal Consequences 

bailThose who fail to appear in court after posting bail are considered fugitives, which means the court will issue a bench warrant for their immediate arrest. Suspects will also face criminal charges for bail jumping. Such charges may be considered a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the original charges. And even if the suspect successfully fights the charges following the initial arrest, they will still face up to five years in prison for failing to appear. 


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