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3 Noises That Indicate Oil Furnace Trouble December 4, 2018

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3 Noises That Indicate Oil Furnace Trouble, Ledyard, Connecticut

If you have an oil furnace, your heating system may make noise from time to time. Older oil furnaces are especially prone to low rumbling or humming. Still, not all noises are normal. If you hear any of the three noises below, call your furnace professional for assistance. 

3 Unusual Sounds Your Furnace May Make

1. Loud Bang or Boom

There are typically two reasons you’ll hear this kind of noise from your furnace. The first is a dirty burner, which causes a delay in the ignition. As gas accumulates and the flame is ignited, you’ll hear a pop or bang from the gas hitting the flame. Another reason is that your air ducts expand and contract as hot air fills them, causing a popping or banging noise. Consult a professional to address these problems.  

2. Thumping Noises 

oil furnaceA thumping or vibrating sound is likely the result of an unbalanced blower wheel within your furnace. Worse, the motor itself may be unbalanced. If you hear consistent thumping, you’ll need to call a professional for assistance before running your furnace.

3. Scraping Metal Sounds

If you hear screeching or metallic squealing, there’s most likely a serious problem with your furnace blower. It may have come loose, causing it to hit the blower’s metal casing. If the component holding the blower together has broken, the entire unit will need immediate attention. Turn your furnace off while you wait for your furnace professional to arrive to avoid further damage. 


Whether you hear strange sounds or not, it’s wise to have your home heating system or oil furnace checked by a professional on an annual basis. This will keep your furnace running at optimum efficiency and extend its usable life. When you need furnace care, contact the qualified team at Andersen Oil Company. This company has provided excellent oil furnace maintenance and fuel delivery to New London County, CT, for years. They offer 24-hour emergency service for your convenience. Call them today at (860) 464-7628 or visit their website to see how they’ll help you with your home heating system today. 

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