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What is User Experience? November 30, 2018

Glassboro, Gloucester
What is User Experience?, Glassboro, New Jersey

In modern marketing, focusing only on brand awareness isn’t enough to sway potential customers to your company. The new frontrunner in digital marketing strategies is user experience, often shortened to “UX.” Below is a breakdown of what it is, and how a strong UX can benefit your company. 

User Experience Defined

UX is the experience a customer has with every aspect of a company’s products and services. Before diving into how user experience works, you should first reacquaint yourself with brand awareness.

Branding traditionally relates to the identifiers for your company—a logo, a slogan, and other physical markers that differentiate your brand from others like it. Nowadays, it should also convey a message, a promise about what your company can offer. A brand is no longer just a logo or a website—it has a tone and a story it wants to get across that provokes people to align themselves with that product or service. It is this interaction between business and consumer that creates that essential user experience link.

UX extends from your digital presence on your website or social media channels to face-to-face interactions—like customer service at brick-and-mortar stores or physical advertising. It has a strong sway over how clients think about the brand, and companies that have more defined user experiences built into their digital marketing strategies can develop stronger relationships with their clients. 

Why It’s Important

The Interplay of Branding and User Experience

The two phenomena of branding and UX feed into each other, as a targeted brand message promotes an interactive user experience, and a positive user experience promotes overall brand awareness. Developing a digital marketing strategy to play to the strengths of both is an opportunity to connect with your customers on a whole new level. 

Examples of the Branding-UX Dynamic

digital marketing strategiesSNJ Today is an excellent example of the interplay of branding and user experience in a company’s digital marketing strategy. This South Jersey-based news company tells the stories of the people and places of southern New Jersey. Their nostalgic “Positively South Jersey” campaign draws in residents with advertisements that resonate with the values and quintessential landmarks of this region, like a Jersey dairy cow with their logo interspersed between its spots. Pulling at the heartstrings of South Jersey with their messaging, SNJ Today connects their viewers to a targeted user experience—storytelling on multiple platforms geared towards those who identify with those ads. 

UX also guides word-of-mouth marketing, or promotion of your brand by those who have had a positive experience with your company. With SNJ Today, a South Jerseyan might watch their shows or listen to their podcast and think that they have represented the region well with their storytelling. By extension, this loyal resident will then tell their friends in the area about SNJ Today, thus guiding more clients to watch, listen, or read their content. 

Social media can also play into this user experience if you use it to share content that matters to your customers, as well as actively interact with your followers by asking them questions, replying to comments, and liking posts other people have posted about your business. Remaining active on social media can also build your following and—by extension—your brand awareness.


Running a business and promoting your brand simultaneously can be time-consuming and often ineffective without the right people in charge of your digital marketing strategy. Clearbridge Branding Agency can help take your company to the next level with thoughtful branding. This Glassboro, NJ, based agency is proven to help clients like SNJ Today paint a clear picture of who they are and what they offer to their community. To provide the best user experience possible for your customers, turn to the team at Clearbridge Branding Agency by calling (856) 327-4141 or visiting them online for a look at their portfolio.