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4 ​Tips For a Successful Workers' Compensation Claim July 10, 2015

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4 ​Tips For a Successful Workers' Compensation Claim, Torrington, Connecticut

It’s one thing to be eligible for workers' compensation if you’re injured on the job, and quite another to actually get the money in hand. If you were hurt while working, attorneys at The Law Offices of Conti & Levy offer a few tips on what you can do to expedite the process:

  • Gather Eyewitnesses: Were your coworkers present at the time of your injury? Collect their names and contact information, then share this data with your personal injury attorney right away.
  • Be Proactive About Reporting: The sooner an incident report is filed, the more credible your claim will be. Many times, employees fear losing their jobs or reputation when filing a claim. Nevertheless, your health is your best asset, and without the proper compensation, you may be unable to take care of your family or your injuries.
  • Visit a Healthcare Provider: One of the best ways to prove injury is to visit a certified healthcare provider, who will have a record of your injuries and treatments prescribed. In addition, many insurance providers will reason that if you were indeed injured, why wasn’t medical care received?
  • Grant Permission For Information to Be Released: Many of us are familiar with healthcare privacy laws. To protect your confidentiality, be sure to sign a Limited Medical Authorization form. Your lawyer can explain more about this form, which will disclose the relevant injury information while preserving your privacy.

Another vital move to make is to hire a lawyer who is well versed in workers' compensation law. If you were injured on the job, don’t wait; schedule a consultation with The Law Offices of Conti & Levy by calling (860) 482-4451.

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