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The Do’s & Don’ts of Using Propane Space Heaters December 4, 2018

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Using Propane Space Heaters , West Plains, Missouri

Of all the different types of space heaters that are available, those that are fueled with propane tend to be among the most versatile in terms of how and where you can use them. Propane space heaters come in a variety of sizes and designs and serve as an effective source of temporary heat for both residential and commercial spaces. However, while convenient for warming up a chilly room, they can also become a hazard if used improperly. This is why it’s important to follow the tips below whenever operating a propane space heater. 


Know the difference between indoor and outdoor heaters.

There are significant differences between propane space heaters that are designated for safe indoor use and those meant for outdoor use only. You must be aware of which you are using to avoid a highly dangerous situation. Always follow the instruction manual to ensure your heater is being used in the right kind of space.

Make sure there is adequate ventilation. 

If you are using a propane space heater indoors, you must ensure there is adequate ventilation flowing through the room. Propane heating units naturally generate carbon monoxide, so it’s crucial to leave a door or window slightly open to allow fresh air in and prevent CO levels from reaching the point where it becomes toxic. 


Leave a heater unattended. 

space heaterWhen your space heater is running, never leave it unattended in a room for more than a few minutes. Any time you will be gone longer or if you’re going to sleep, it’s imperative to make sure you turn it off and store it a safe distance away from anything flammable. 

Place a heater in an enclosed space. 

It’s essential for propane space heaters to be placed in a spacious environment. There should be at least three feet between the heater and any other object in the room. This is because they can get extremely hot, and if they’re too close to anything flammable, there’s a possibility of igniting a fire.  


Taking these precautionary measures when using a propane space heater will keep your home or business safe and warm all winter long. For high-quality and affordable propane tanks to fuel your space heater, look no further than Brotherton Propane. They have been the top propane supplier in West Plains, MO, for more than four decades. Regardless of what your propane needs are, the company will be able to meet them with their extensive inventory and experience. Call (417) 256-5067 or visit their website to place a service request.   

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