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What to Do After a Motorcycle Crash December 13, 2018

What to Do After a Motorcycle Crash, ,

What you do in the aftermath of a motorcycle crash can have a profound impact on your ability to recover compensation for the resulting damages. In fact, building a strong personal injury claim begins before even leaving the scene. Here are a few of the most important steps to take in the wake of a motorcycle accident. 

5 Essential Steps to Take Following a Motorcycle Crash

1. Pull Out of Traffic

If possible, wheel your bike out of the flow of traffic to prevent subsequent collisions. If you cannot move the bike, at least get yourself to safety. Wait for first responders on the sidewalk or on the shoulder as far from moving traffic as possible. 

2. Call the Police

Officers will direct traffic away from the wreckage, prevent disputes between those involved, and draft an official report detailing the scene. They will also conduct chemical tests if they suspect impairment and ensure all those who require emergency medical care get it. 

3. Document Everything 

Once police have arrived and taken control of the scene, photograph the area where the accident occurred from all angles. You should also get the names and contact details of all those involved. If anyone witnessed the crash, get their names and phone numbers, as well. 

4. Seek Medical Care

motorcycle crashIf you do not require emergency care from first responders, visit a doctor as soon as possible. This will ensure you receive adequate treatment for any injuries, including those that have latent symptoms. Additionally, it will strengthen your claim by demonstrating a commitment to mitigate damages. 

5. Call a Lawyer

Once your health stabilizes and you feel ready to discuss the motorcycle crash, call an attorney. Hiring a lawyer relatively soon after the wreck will give your legal team the chance to gather any time-sensitive proof that may not be available indefinitely. It will also ensure you do not miss filing deadlines or otherwise jeopardize the case inadvertently. 


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