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5 Common Issues That Plague Math Students December 4, 2018

Spencerville, Montgomery
5 Common Issues That Plague Math Students, Spencerville, Maryland

Math struggles are far from uncommon, but very rarely are they related to a child’s intelligence. There are many causes of slowed mathematical development. Thankfully, math tutoring can help reduce the severity of these issues and enrich your child’s learning. Here is a guide that explores some of the most frequently experienced obstacles students face when learning math.

Problems That Hinder Math Students

1. Attention Issues

Children who have trouble paying attention often have difficulties learning and completing tasks, resulting in the need for math tutoring. Formulas and guidelines are fundamental aspects of math, so students with ADHD may have a hard time following the steps required to solve problems. An inability to focus can lead to mistakes during tests and homework as well.

2. Math Anxiety

Intense feelings of stress and fear towards performing or even learning about mathematics are symptomatic of math anxiety. Students with math anxiety assume they will fail before they even begin, impairing their performance regardless of their actual abilities. Negative experiences with math or a past teacher are often the cause. Math tutoring that focuses on encouraging and motivating students combats these anxieties.

3. Visual & Spatial Problemsmath tutoring

Sometimes students have difficulties visualizing mathematical concepts. These perception issues stem from nonverbal learning disabilities (NVLD). In many cases, students with NVLD are unable to recognize patterns, apply concepts, or form connections between similar math problems. Word problems are particularly tricky. While there are no quick solutions, math enrichment programs will help students work through specific problem areas.

4. Learning Disabilities

Many learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia can affect a child’s math development. Dyscalculia is a disability specifically associated with math, where students experience a number of difficulties with basic math concepts. They might struggle with grasping number sense, recalling math facts, recognizing patterns, or reading graphs.

5. Memory Difficulties

Although memory issues can impede learning in any subject, they are especially troublesome in mathematics. Math requires the memorization and retention of countless concepts, formulas, and rules. If a student has poor long-term memory, they may need math tutoring to keep them caught up in class.


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