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3 Ways to Remember a Lost Loved One During the Holidays December 4, 2018

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3 Ways to Remember a Lost Loved One During the Holidays, Willow Springs, Missouri

The holidays can be a difficult time if you’ve lost a loved one. You may be overwhelmed by their absence following the funeral service, but there are plenty of ways you can celebrate their life and remember them. Building new traditions with family and loved ones will commemorate their life, and you may feel much closer to them even though they’re gone. Below, you’ll find a few excellent ideas to share with your family so you can get started.

Holiday Traditions to Remember a Lost Loved One

1. Pay a Visit

Many people find comfort in going to see their deceased loved ones during the holidays. If your loved one was buried at a cemetery following the funeral service, stop by and spend some time with them. You can do it alone or with family members, and to keep the holiday spirit, consider bringing them a gift. A simple trinket or flowers are a symbol of your commitment to keeping the deceased’s memory alive.  

2. Share Their Holiday Favorites

funeral servicesIf you celebrate at home, you have many opportunities to keep your loved one’s spirit present. During gatherings, play their favorite holiday music, sing, or serve their favorite meals. Stick to any traditions they established, and surround yourself with them by placing pictures around your home or hanging their stocking. If they loved to cook, consider sharing recipes with close friends so they can enjoy your loved one as well.

3. Give Back

A meaningful way to commemorate your loved one is by donating to their favorite charity or volunteering during the holidays. It can be a clothing donation, providing food for underprivileged families, or simply taking time each day to share the holiday spirit with others. Feel free to invite friends and family as well as you build the tradition.


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