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How Frequently Should Hot Tub Water be Drained? November 28, 2018

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How Frequently Should Hot Tub Water be Drained?, Highland, Maryland

Chemicals and sanitizers are routinely added to hot tub water to keep it clean. Over time, the residue could clog the pump and other mechanical components. Having a professional periodically drain the tub and change the water will prevent the need for major spa repairs. To better care for your investment, below are a few points to consider when deciding how often to change hot tub water. 

How to Determine When Hot Tub Water Should be Changed

Determine Water Quality

The type of water pumped into the hot tub will determine how often it needs to be changed. Hard water, for example, contains calcium, magnesium, and other minerals that don’t dissolve easily. In this case, you might need to make the change every few months to prevent deposits from accumulating on the lining or clogging the filtration system.

Changes in Smell or Appearance

Highland-Maryland-spa-repairIf the water appears murky, starts to foam, or has a bad smell, there could be a problem with its pH balance or alkalinity. A spa repair and maintenance specialist can use a TDS—total dissolved solids—test strip to determine the levels of organic and inorganic substances in the supply. If adding chemicals doesn’t correct the issue, it might be time to drain the hot tub and add fresh liquid.  

Frequent Tub Use

If the hot tub is used on a regular basis by multiple people, more chemicals are needed to keep oils from skin and additional residue out of the water. In this case, the liquid might need to be changed more often to keep it clean and ready for use. Additionally, where the tub is used also plays a part in the maintenance schedule. Dirt and debris could contaminate the supply more easily when the fixture is placed on grass or gravel as opposed to a patio or deck.



For professional assistance determining whether it’s time to switch out hot tub water, contact the spa repair specialists at Betz Enterprises for help. Residents in Howard County, MD, turn to the trained technicians for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and fiberglass repair solutions to make their investments last longer and ensure they can always enjoy the therapeutic benefits of owning hot tubs. To schedule a free estimate and learn about the warranty program, call (301) 854-0990. Visit the spa repair’s website to see before and after project photos. 

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