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3 Safety Tips for Your New Window Installation December 17, 2018

Platteville, Grant
3 Safety Tips for Your New Window Installation, Platteville, Wisconsin

Parents of young children are often worried about the many safety hazards that could cause trouble for their little ones. Your new window installation may be overlooked as a potential source of trouble. Without proper precautions, however, an open window could lead to a dangerous fall. Here’s how to keep your children from experiencing a window-related accident.

Essential Safety Practices for a Window Installation

1. Use Window Guards & Stops

A window screen is not a safety component. Instead, parents should use window guards and stops to keep their children safe. Window guards act as a series of thin metal bars that are strong enough to keep children from falling out of an opening. Stops are installed in the tracks and keep the window from being opened more than a few inches, preventing the risk of a fall entirely.

2. Beware Blind Cords

window installationThe windows themselves aren’t the only danger—blind cords pose a significant risk of strangulation for young children. The best way to avoid accidents is to install cordless blinds. If this is out of your budget, you can wind cord strings around wall-mounted cleats or tuck them in a high, out of reach area.

3. Limit Access

Halting access to windows and blinds is key to preventing accidents. Parents can keep kids from climbing up to windows by keeping furniture and other climbable objects away from these features. Supervising your children while at play near windows will also help your family take a proactive approach in avoiding accidents.


With proper planning, your new window installation from Bel-Aire Home Improvement will be perfectly safe for your child. Serving Grant County, WI, and the Tri-State area, these experienced home improvement contractors can assist with a wide variety of tasks—even emergency storm damage repair. To learn more about their work or to schedule a free estimate, visit them online or call (608) 348-2381.

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