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Your Guide to Acoustic Treatment for Professional Audio Systems December 3, 2018

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Your Guide to Acoustic Treatment for Professional Audio Systems, 4, Louisiana

When setting up a professional audio system, acoustic treatments can help ensure you get the best sound possible. By controlling the direction of the audio waves, acoustic treatments ensure that what enters the microphone is an accurate and clean representation of the sound. When setting up your system, consider the following information on acoustic treatment and why it’s essential for your system.

Why Does Acoustic Treatment Matter?

When recording in a standard room, the sound travels in two directions. With direct sound, a portion of what is recorded travels directly into the microphone. The remaining sound travels throughout the room and randomly bounces off the surfaces of walls and other barriers. This random sound is commonly referred to as reflected sound.

Professional AudioThe problem with reflected sound is that some of those reflections bounce back into the microphone and ultimately change the quality of the audio. The goal with acoustic treatment is to improve the audio quality by minimizing the amount of reflected sound that bounces back into the microphone.

What Are the Acoustic Treatment Options?

Acoustic Absorption

Acoustic absorption is the process of controlling indirect audio by installing foam panels throughout the room. By doing this, you minimize the reflected sound in the room, leaving you with a clean, direct sound entering the microphone.


Removing all sound reflections in a room, however, does have a few problems. Removing all reflection from the audio can leave the final mix sounding "dead." To get the best possible sound, combine acoustic absorption treatments with sound diffusers. Sound diffusers allow some audio reflections to remain in the room and scatter them evenly so the final mix sounds balanced. 


When setting up a space for professional audio, applying acoustic treatments can ensure you get the most accurate and cleanest mix possible. If you need help applying the right acoustic treatment for your recording space, turn to Claiborne Sharp Professional Audio in Shreveport, LA. These professional audio experts use the latest in computer technology to determine the best approach for acoustically treating any room. Call (318) 861-5953 to discuss your acoustic treatment options with an experienced audio technician. To learn more about their custom audio and video services, visit their website.

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