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What Is a Janitorial Service Bond & Why Does Your Cleaning Business Need One? December 12, 2018

Central Business District, Cincinnati
What Is a Janitorial Service Bond & Why Does Your Cleaning Business Need One?, Cincinnati, Ohio

When you operate a housekeeping or janitorial service, your employees enter into clients' homes and businesses and have access to their private and personal belongings. If it turns out one of your workers cannot be trusted, it's important you have protection for yourself and your business. A janitorial service bond (JSB) provides this surety. The sections below explain what the bond is and how it protects your business.

What Is a Janitorial Service Bond?

janitorial service bondA JSB is a type of surety bond wherein an insurance or bond company agrees to pay your customers for any losses they incur due to theft by you or an employee of your company. For instance, if one of your staff should pocket a piece of jewelry while cleaning a client's bedroom, the guarantor will cover the loss up to the limit of the bond. The cost of the JSB depends upon its amount, the level of risk, and your credit rating, but most cost between 1% and 15% of the amount of the bond. Note that it normally does not cover accidental damage, although you can often buy a property damage extension to your business insurance policy.

How Does a Janitorial Service Bond Benefit Your Business?

Not only does a JSB protect you and your customers against loss, but it gives your business credibility. It lets customers know they can hire your company and not worry about letting strangers in their home. It helps you attract clients by advertising that your employees are "bonded" and are therefore less of a risk. Even if you completely trust your workers, a janitorial service bond gives you additional peace of mind knowing that, even if you've completely misjudged someone, you and your business are nevertheless protected.  


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