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The Do's & Don'ts of Buying a Lot for a New Home December 10, 2018

Oskaloosa, Mahaska
The Do's & Don'ts of Buying a Lot for a New Home, Oskaloosa, Iowa

So, you’ve finally decided to purchase a lot and build a new home from the ground up—congratulations! Now comes the hard part: choosing the perfect piece of land. To find the ideal place to call home, take advantage of the following list of do’s and don’ts.


Set a budget.

When you decide to invest in new home construction, it may seem like the sky is the limit—and your dream home is only a matter of drawing the blueprints. However, it’s important to approach lot buying just as you would when buying a home. Set a reasonable budget before you start looking, and don’t even tempt yourself by checking out land you can’t afford.

Research the neighborhood.

new homeBefore you settle on a lot just because you love the view, make sure the cornerstones of the local community suit you and your family. Do research on the schools, religious institutions, parks, and recreational venues in the area—a disappointing neighborhood could make a perfect lot seem regrettable.


Put off testing.

When you’ve found the perfect slice of land to build your new home on, don’t forget to have the area professionally tested. Any issues with the terrain could impact your utility lines, such as water and gas. Environmental testing can also rule out contaminated soil and poor drainage, which could hinder your landscaping plans.

Go it alone.

When searching for a plot of land, it’s best to work with an agent who can help you identify options that best suit your vision. Since you’ll want your home to match the neighborhood, you can use an expert’s input on where to start the search. Plus, the agent can take care of practical essentials, such as confirming boundary lines and negotiating the sale.


If you’re dreaming about building your new home from the ground up, make it a reality with the help of Century Homes of Oskaloosa in Iowa. This family-run team will be proud to walk you through the new construction process, from forming a plan to completing the structure. For more information on their modular and manufactured home designs, visit the website or call (877) 241-3621.

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