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3 Ways to Cut Down on Heating & Cooling Costs December 11, 2018

Farmersville, Montgomery
3 Ways to Cut Down on Heating & Cooling Costs, Farmersville, Ohio

Winter heating costs may have you eager to cut back on your energy bill, but a few cost-saving steps around the home could save money year-round. By making a few changes and enlisting the help of an air conditioning contractor, your heating and cooling system may be able to run much more efficiently. Use the following tips to save on heating and cooling costs throughout the entire year.

How to Save Money on Heating & Cooling Costs

1. Replace Weatherstripping

Regardless of how hard your HVAC system may be working, it will only get so far if your home is plagued by leaks. Gaps around doors and windows will let hot air in during the summer and out in the winter, forcing your heating and cooling equipment to kick into overdrive. Replace the weatherstripping throughout your home to ensure inside and outside air remains separate.

2. Use Window Treatments

air conditioning contractorIn the wintertime, keep your blinds or curtains open all day, letting the heat of the sunlight indoors. When the sun goes down, close your window treatments, so they serve as added insulation. In the summer, keep your window treatments closed during the day to keep the home cooler and reduce stress on your air conditioner.

3. Inspect Insulation

To maximize your savings throughout the year, ask your air conditioning contractor to inspect your home’s insulation. Taking steps such as adding spray foam to an under-insulated attic could significantly reduce the amount of warm air that escapes in the wintertime and cool air that sneaks out during the summer.


If you’re interested in optimizing your heating and cooling system, turn to the trusted air conditioning contractors at Cowboy’s Heating & Air of Farmersville, OH. They specialize in everything from installation to repairs, and they can be ready to work around-the-clock for HVAC services in the Miami Valley and the Tri-State area. For more information on their offerings, visit their website, or call (937) 604-1541​ to speak to an air conditioning contractor and schedule service.

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