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4 Reasons to Take a Defensive Driving Course December 18, 2018

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4 Reasons to Take a Defensive Driving Course, Fairfield, Ohio

After a few years, driving starts to seem like second nature, and most people believe they’re already experts. However, almost everyone stands to benefit from a defensive driving course, which teaches you how to respond to emergencies in a way that doesn’t make dangerous situations even worse. Below are a few reasons car insurance companies reward drivers for taking a course in defensive driving.

4 Benefits of Defensive Driving Courses

1. Preventing Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 94% of auto accidents are caused by human error, which means they could have been prevented. Defensive driving courses teach you to monitor road conditions, anticipate the actions of other drivers, and how to avoid preventable accidents.

2. Practicing Driving in Dangerous Situations

car insurance companyMany defensive driving courses include simulations of dangerous driving conditions, including skidding out on tight turns or having a pedestrian step out in front of you. With a little practice on a safe course, you’ll be prepared when these situations occur in real life.

3. Sharpening Basic Skills

Over time, many people get a little too comfortable behind the wheel, eventually forgetting basic safe driving techniques. If you didn’t have formal driving education as a teenager, you might have never learned where to look when changing lanes or when to turn on your indicator. Defensive driving courses are a great way to brush up on these basic skills, which can help prevent injuries and property damage.

4. Lowering Insurance Premiums

Many car insurance companies offer significant discounts to drivers who’ve completed a safe driving course, potentially saving hundreds of dollars in the long run. These benefits can be especially important if you have a few tickets on your driving record or have just gotten your license.


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