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3 Reasons to Schedule an Electrical Home Inspection Before Buying a House December 3, 2018

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3 Reasons to Schedule an Electrical Home Inspection Before Buying a House, Apollo, Pennsylvania

Buying a new home is an exciting milestone, however, it’s also a major financial investment. To protect yourself from any unforeseen problems, it’s critical to schedule a professional inspection prior to buying a home. This includes an electrical home inspection so you can identify any issues, such as faulty wiring or an outdated system. Here are a few reasons why an electrical inspection is essential for homebuyers. 

The Benefits of an Electrical Home Inspection

1. Safety

During an electrical home inspection, a professional can identify any electrical problems that pose a threat to the safety of your household. For example, older homes may have outdated wiring or faulty installations that can increase the risk of electrical fires. 

2. Transparency

electrical home inspectionA home may look perfect from the exterior, but an inspection could reveal issues with the home’s electrical system. Before signing a contract, you should be aware of the additional costs involved, such as repairs and installations. If the costs are too high, you can choose to opt out of the agreement rather than lose thousands of dollars. 

3. Negotiation Power

If problems are revealed during the inspection, you can also use them as a negotiation tool rather than rejecting the home. For example, the seller may agree to pay for the repairs before moving forward with the deal, or you can request a price reduction on the listing. 


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