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5 Key Steps For Industrial Electrical Maintenance December 3, 2018

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
5 Key Steps For Industrial Electrical Maintenance, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Industrial equipment requires a special level of care, especially when dealing with electrical maintenance. How you handle this process will determine the effectiveness and overall lifespan of these components, so have a thorough preventive maintenance checklist on hand. Here are some of the key steps that will keep your industrial equipment in pristine condition all year around.

Top 5 Items For Your Industrial Electrical Maintenance Checklist

1. Thorough Machine Testing

Electrical maintenance is about figuring out which actions need to be taken and working to minimize serious issues such as machine damage and breakdown. That's why you need to conduct thorough testing for all equipment. Doing so at regular intervals will help prevent the need for emergency electrical repairs in the future.

2. Servicing Equipment in Disrepair

electrical maintenanceIf these tests show signs of machinery in any state of disrepair, the next step of electrical maintenance is to service the equipment in question right away. Handling even the smallest of repair concerns now is the best way to make sure they don't get worse and lead to breakdowns that bring essential industrial work to a halt.

3. Repairing Salvageable Components

In some cases, there may be certain parts of damaged equipment that can be salvaged. With the help of an experienced electrical contractor, these components can be repaired promptly to save time and money while preventing the need to hunt for precise replacements.

4. Replacing Defective Parts Right Away

In the event of a defective part or an obsolete piece of machinery, you may need to invest in a full replacement. The sooner you incorporate more effective and up-to-date industrial electrical equipment, the longer you'll have to take advantage of the boost in efficiency and convenience they provide.

5. Scheduling Additional Electrical Maintenance

Maintenance won't do you much good if you don't keep up with it on a regular basis. Before you put down your maintenance checklist, you'll want to go ahead and schedule further industrial electrical services for the future. Keeping up all of your equipment will cut down on concerns over serious repairs and replacements.


Electrical work of any kind brings many hazards along with it, so leave all your industrial electrical maintenance needs to the pros at E-Con Electric, Inc. of Wisconsin Rapids, WI. These expert electricians provide top-notch services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout Wisconsin and other areas of the Midwest, and they also offer around-the-clock emergency electrical repair. Visit their website for more information, and call them at (715) 423-8440 to schedule your free estimate today.

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