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3 Ways a New Garage Door Will Save on Energy Costs December 12, 2018

Rochester, Monroe
3 Ways a New Garage Door Will Save on Energy Costs, Rochester, New York

As a homeowner, you know the importance of energy efficiency. Even if you have the most updated appliances, it’s essential to consider how your home’s structure contributes to energy costs. Fortunately, many homeowners can improve their energy usage by replacing their garage doors. The following are some of the benefits of scheduling door installation this season.

Want to Save on Energy? Here’s Why You Should Install a New Garage Door

1. Provides Insulation

Poor insulation in your garage may be letting cold air into your home and warm air out. However, an insulated garage door can stop this unwanted air flow. Take note of a garage door’s R-value, which denotes its insulative properties. The ideal range depends on your region and whether the garage is attached to your house. If it shares a wall with your home and you live in the northeast, for example, an R-value of at least 14 is recommended to save on heating and cooling costs.

2. Seals Any Cracks

garage doorsFaulty garage doors often have cracks on all sides. Whether from age or damage, these openings let air leak through. While you may be able to repair these cracks, installing a new door may be a more cost-effective choice due to lower maintenance costs, increased insulation, and enhanced curb appeal. Once the new door is in place, the contractor can recommend a sealant to prevent future leaks.

3. Reduces Damage

Environmental damage from snow, ice, and wind can take a toll on your garage door. Older models may be more vulnerable to cracks, sagging, and breakage, which will hinder energy efficiency. A newer garage door will be able to stand up to these environmental threats, lasting for longer and keeping air out.


To protect against Monroe County, NY’s harsh winters, you need a garage you can rely on. Felluca Overhead Door installs quality garage doors to keep your family comfortable all season long. With over 100 years in the industry, they’re Rochester’s oldest and most experienced garage door company. To view a full list of services and learn more about their products, visit their website today. You can also call (585) 467-2391 to speak with a member of their team today.

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